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Centerville -- Bedroom

Centerville -- Indoor pool complete with cave, waterfall and palm trees

Centerville -- Kitchen

Lanier -- Rear view

Centerville -- side elevation with indoor pool option

Lanier -- framing

Custom -- Maryland 3 story on pilings

Clarkston -- right rear

Clarkston -- rear framing

Lanier -- front view

Castle -- with siding prior to application of stone

Centerville -- Great room looking out at indoor deck and pool

Magnolia -- front view

The Magnolia -- front framing

The Rutledge -- front framing

The Rutledge -- front view

Arkansas custom in the mountains

Arkansas custom in the mountains, This home is fireproof

The Old Florida -- front framing

Lake Ponchartrain custom 3 story Sebring

Lake Ponchartrain custom 3 story Sebring

Union City Firehouse -- framing

Union City Firehouse -- front view

The Tribute Greek Revival -- front framing

The Tribute Greek Revival -- front view

The Atlanta Contemporary

The Atlanta Contemporary -- front view
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