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Green Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings


Green Building with Recyclable Materials

  • 66+% of our material is reclaimed... build strong beautiful homes, while protecting the environment!

  • Steel recycling programs reduce the solid waste, resulting in significantly less landfill usage and conservation of natural resources.

  • Building with wood uses approximately 40 trees per house. Building with light gauge steel uses approximately 11 wrecked recycled cars per house!

  • This amount of recycled content reduces both the cost and environmental impact of making new steel, as it conserves energy and other natural raw materials

  • While many other building materials are dumped by the ton in landfills, steel is 100% recyclable.

  • New steel made with recycled material uses as little as 26% of the amount of energy that would be required to make steel from iron and other materials extracted from nature.

  • Roof and wall systems made of steel are extremely durable, thereby lowering the demand for raw materials needed to produce replacement systems.

Cleaner Healthier Environment

  • Steel Framing eliminates the need for toxic fumigating used for pest control in traditional wood frames. This is a huge benefit to both the health of the occupants and the health of the environment. Since steel does not host termites or mold, there is no need to use highly toxic chemical pesticides, ultimately helping to keep the air quality and environment clean of toxins!

  • No termites or mold causing rot also means no structural damage that would be caused by them, ulimately utilizing less resource and energy on damage repairs.

Environmentally Safer Homes

  • Steel products are non-combustible/non-flammable. What does this mean in terms of the safety of your home and family? Fire does not spread throughout the structure via the frame as it would in a traditional wood home, the fire is more easily contained to the initial start location, and spreads at a slower pace, allowing more time for you and your family to reach safey. Steel framing is an environmentally responsible product of sustainable and safe construction.

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