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REPco Industries has supplied Florida and other high wind areas with residential and commercial steel frame buiding systems that have been through multiple hurricanes and survived with minimal or no damage. Flying objects are our biggest concern.

REPco designs connections from foundation to the roof ridge in shear, eliminating all pull out conditions.

With this design, the capacity of the connection between the exterior wall stud and the truss is as much in uplift as it is in roof load down the stud. Typical hurricane wind loads cannot possibly destroy this connection as it does with wood or steel top plate construction.

Unlike other systems, the REPco system braces all exterior studs and roof members 2-0" O.C. to add incredible strength to the superstructure. This is similar to the techniques used to design high-speed aircraft and race cars. These bracing members increase the capacity of all the members that they brace and create a stable yet resilient structure that can resist much higher forces than other systems.

At the bottom of the stud, we apply a heavy-duty anchor clip that is also screwed in shear to the wall stud. This connection will also withstand the same loads. For two story designs, the second story studs are connected directly to the 1st story wall studs to maintain the continuous shear situation. This design guarantees a minimum of 3000# uplift at all stud, floor and roof connections. Based on the codes in the local area, these connections are adjusted to meet the applicable requirements. If the customer wishes to upgrade to higher wind resistance specifications, REPco will adjust their drawings, screw counts and framing components accordingly.

These techniques will also be beneficial for areas with high seismic activity. In fact, the lightweight steel system has much lower seismic reaction.

REPco will design to exceed any code requirements, worldwide.

Most recently, REPco supplied a framing package to a customer in Sebring Florida. In the Fall of 2004, 3 hurricanes passed through Sebring wrecking havoc everywhere. The only damage was to a ridge cap (roofing material). This was a 2 story home with very large porches.

You can check out the plan that was used, The Sebring in our new models.

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